Guest Post : Galaxy S 4 know it worries you supply?

Samsung Galaxy S 4, which will be presented tomorrow promises to be the best selling smartphone of the year 2013. Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the Galaxy S3, which has sold over 35 million copies in 2012, Samsung already plans to sell 100 million units of its new smartphone.

But Samsung will you keep it on time? What would be the impact of a concern in the production line? It is clear that an estimated 10 million sales in the first month, any quack in the delivery of components would be a disaster for the South Korean company. Already last year, due to last minute problems with the back cover of the Galaxy S3, Samsung had lost two million sales for the month of May.


The backup plan

It seems this time that Samsung Electronics has taken the lead. According to Greg Noh, an analyst at HMC Investment Securities and Samsung have scheduled a backup plan to avoid such problems.

Galaxy S 4 will be presented in New York, where Samsung beat Apple hopes and regain its position as the market leader in telephony. Some analysts, however, remain skeptical and hope that Samsung provides incremental improvements and updates on their smartphone, rather than just dazzling features right out.

Samsung did not wish to comment on the measures taken to avoid the worries of supply. Apparently according to sources there is currently no problem on that side.


Expected on PS4 games

 The design and creation of games by developers and publishers requires that they possess all the technical features of the console, so that they are positioned correctly on what they will do. It takes on average between 2 and 4 years to develop a video game. But good news, it seems that the design of future hits the PlayStation 4 has already begun. The site Develop-Online has announced last October. We do not know yet what will comprise the first pack console + games out of the ps4, but among the games that we are sure to see shortly after its release, there would be traditional but timeless Gran TurismoGrand Theft AutoKillzone 4NBA 2K, and Uncharted 4.
As for the PS3 with PS2 games, there will be backwards compatibility between games of PS3 and PS4, thus you can find your favorite music and continue to play on your PS4.
Finally, with the advanced technology and power that should offer this new medium, it is likely that new game concepts are added to the already well supplied market of gaming fun. In the same way that Microsoft has for its Xbox KinectSony plans to integrate a camera detects motion and why not make her “hand controller”, leaving his second position must “dualshock controller.” The use of dynamic 3D glasses also leaves many perspectives on the development of innovative video games in terms of gameplay, which propose a new approach to the world of gaming.

Review of Rowenta RO8522 Silence Force on Extreme

Rowenta RO8522 Silence Force on Extreme is the next generation quiet vacuum cleaner Rowenta. Powerful and effective, it can vacuum in peace with sound pollution record of only 66 dB. It is equipped with a HEPA filter 12 to remove allergens. Its value for money is very good. The manufacturer’s warranty is 1 year.

The Silence Force RO8522/11 Extreme is the new vacuum bag Rowenta silent. It replaces the RO4723/11 Rowenta Silence Force, and offers reduced noise still allied to improved performance.
Rowenta Silence Force Extreme RO582211

Rowenta Silence Force Extreme RO582211

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Electrical power 2200 Watts
Depression 32 kPa
Airflow 46 dm3 / s
Noise level 66 dB
Cable length 6.2 m
Range 9.2 m
Bag Capacity 5 L
Yes inverter power
Dimensions 28 cm X 29 cm X 50 cm
Yes HEPA filter (HEPA 12)
Weight 8 kg
1 year manufacturer warranty
RRP € 199

Suction head Ergo Comfort Silence high performance, integrated furniture brush.
Wonderbag Classic includes a bag. The Rowenta RO582211 can be used with bags universal Wonderbag Classic (or WB4031 WB4061) or Wonderbag Endura (WB4847).

Rowenta RO582211 – Suction head Ergo Comfort Silence

Suction head Ergo Comfort Silence

The noise level has been reduced over the range Force Silence: Silence Force Extreme offers a sound level of 66 dB low!
Ergo Comfort accessories silence are designed to reduce noise, but also to improve the ease of use and prevent back pain.
Variable power electronic (vacuum) and mechanical (in the butt) to easily adapt the suction power for all applications.
HEPA 12 filter.
The bags are large capacity (5 L). A bag full indicator indicates when to change it. The bags are universal and easy to find (Wonderbag bags Classic).
Soft brush integrated in the suction head is practical.

Rowenta Silence Force Extreme RO582211 – Variable power

Electronic power
Rowenta Silence Force Extreme RO582211 – Ergo Comfort Crosse Silence

Ergo Comfort Crosse Silence

The vacuum is heavy.
The brush itself is also a bit heavy.
We would have liked other accessories: crevice tool, flat brush …

Rowenta Silence Force Extreme RO582211

Rowenta Silence Force Extreme RO582211
Best Vacuum balance:

The Rowenta Silence Force Extreme sledding is one of the quietest vacuum cleaners to date, while having very good performance. Its only flaws are its impressive weight and lack of accessories. This is an excellent choice if you have a large area to clean, and you want to do so as quiet as possible.

Electrolux Ultra Silencer ZUS3932B

The Electrolux Ultra Silencer ZUS3932B vacuum is powerful and quiet. It is a balanced model that combines good suction performance and noise levels are among the lowest in the market. It filters dust very well (HEPA 12). This vacuum is the podium of QueChoisir April 2012. This is still one of the best vacuums all categories currently available. The manufacturer’s warranty is 1 year.

The Electrolux Ultra Silencer ZUS3932B is a vacuum bag and silent, with the system Silent Air Technology. It provides a noise level of only 68 dB, while having very good cleaning performance.

best vacuum cleaner
Electrolux Ultra Silencer Vacuum ZUS3932B

Power: 1800 W
Suction power: 320 W
Depression: 31 kPa
Air Flow: 40 L / s
Noise level: 68 dB
Tray capacity: 3 L
HEPA Filter: Yes (HEPA 12)
Inverter power: yes

Cable length: 9 m
Range: 12 m
Color: Blue
Weight: 6 kg
Dimensions (cm): 59.4 × 35.5 × 39.5
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year
Indicative price: € 249

Electrolux Ultra Silencer Vacuum ZUS3932B – Accessories

AeroPro Accessories: Suction head and accessory 3in1

Ultra Silencer ZUS3932 is equipped AeroPro range of accessories specially designed to minimize noise due to airflow.

Suction head mixed floors / carpets.
Accessory 3 in 1 brush furniture nozzle long, Small nozzle

The Electrolux Ultra Silencer uses filters S-bag Classic Long Performance, which are synthetic dust bags with a volume of 3 L.

Very silent: noise level of only 68 dB!
Brushed aluminum telescopic tube of large diameter (36 mm) with safety lock Lightweight and very sturdy.
Ergonomic handle with adjustable airflow to the handle.
Washable Hepa 12 filters to remove allergens.
Indicator bag filling.
Long power cable.
Presence of an electronic power.


Accessories stored on their support along the tube can un clip and fall during vacuuming.
A little heavy (6 kg).

The Benefits of Steam Vacuum Cleaners

A recent development in home appliances is Steam Vacuum cleaners which have made conventional cleaners a thing of days gone by because of latest innovations in technology home appliances are readily changing as well. They are simple devices which use thick jets of steam at low pressure at the cleaning nozzle along with the usual air suction device as in conventional cleaners, to clean surfaces like hard floors and carpets. Steam cleaners are lightweight and compact which makes them easy to carry around. Following are some of the numerous benefits of steam cleaners which will definitely make you consider buying one.

Vaccum Cleaners types

Different types VC

Steam is hygienic:
A heat of around 120 degrees centigrade is produced when the steam is used in the cleaner. This kind of heat can easily kill almost 99% of commonly found household germs and dust mites. The steam even sanitizes the debris sucked up by the vacuums before it is sent to the dust bag. The carpets, floors and other surfaces which are vacuumed by steam cleaner are disinfected and cleansed of germs as well, leaving them absolutely germ free and healthy to use.
Kills Pests and Insects:
The steam which cleanses surfaces is hot enough to wipe out ants, mites, fleas and other pests usually found in the houses. This is one of the main reasons steam vacuum cleaners are becoming increasingly popular because a conventional vacuums cannot do such jobs. A steam cleaner first kills them with jets of high temperature steam jets then sucks up their corpses leaving your carpets and floors totally free of harmful insects and germs.
Shortens Cleaning Period:
Another benefit of these cleaners is that the superheated waters they employ in their cleaning softens those hard-to-wash, stubborn stains on floors and carpets. For example, no matter which conventional vacuum cleaner you use you can’t get rid of heavy dried food stains from floors. Ultimately you use a rag and a cleaning detergent to cleanse them off. But the heat and moisture from a steam vacuums  softens up these kinds of stains and blots as well and vacuum sucks them leaving the floors clean. The same way you can clean almost any surface you could think of.
Air Cleaning:
These cleaners not only clean surfaces but purify air as well. They are usually fitted with HEPA filters which purify the outgoing air thus you get purified air as a byproduct of cleaning floors.
Chemical Free:
Since these cleaners use only steam and heat in vacuuming you get rid of buying hazardous chemicals which you otherwise have to buy for conventional VC. Though the steam is reliable for removing dust and stains but you can use chemicals as well, although it is not usually advised. If you want to go for chemical cleaning then you should choose bio-degradable ones as green chemicals which are also helpful in removing allergens from households.