Review of Rowenta RO8522 Silence Force on Extreme

Rowenta RO8522 Silence Force on Extreme is the next generation quiet vacuum cleaner Rowenta. Powerful and effective, it can vacuum in peace with sound pollution record of only 66 dB. It is equipped with a HEPA filter 12 to remove allergens. Its value for money is very good. The manufacturer’s warranty is 1 year.

The Silence Force RO8522/11 Extreme is the new vacuum bag Rowenta silent. It replaces the RO4723/11 Rowenta Silence Force, and offers reduced noise still allied to improved performance.
Rowenta Silence Force Extreme RO582211

Rowenta Silence Force Extreme RO582211

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Electrical power 2200 Watts
Depression 32 kPa
Airflow 46 dm3 / s
Noise level 66 dB
Cable length 6.2 m
Range 9.2 m
Bag Capacity 5 L
Yes inverter power
Dimensions 28 cm X 29 cm X 50 cm
Yes HEPA filter (HEPA 12)
Weight 8 kg
1 year manufacturer warranty
RRP € 199

Suction head Ergo Comfort Silence high performance, integrated furniture brush.
Wonderbag Classic includes a bag. The Rowenta RO582211 can be used with bags universal Wonderbag Classic (or WB4031 WB4061) or Wonderbag Endura (WB4847).

Rowenta RO582211 – Suction head Ergo Comfort Silence

Suction head Ergo Comfort Silence

The noise level has been reduced over the range Force Silence: Silence Force Extreme offers a sound level of 66 dB low!
Ergo Comfort accessories silence are designed to reduce noise, but also to improve the ease of use and prevent back pain.
Variable power electronic (vacuum) and mechanical (in the butt) to easily adapt the suction power for all applications.
HEPA 12 filter.
The bags are large capacity (5 L). A bag full indicator indicates when to change it. The bags are universal and easy to find (Wonderbag bags Classic).
Soft brush integrated in the suction head is practical.

Rowenta Silence Force Extreme RO582211 – Variable power

Electronic power
Rowenta Silence Force Extreme RO582211 – Ergo Comfort Crosse Silence

Ergo Comfort Crosse Silence

The vacuum is heavy.
The brush itself is also a bit heavy.
We would have liked other accessories: crevice tool, flat brush …

Rowenta Silence Force Extreme RO582211

Rowenta Silence Force Extreme RO582211
Best Vacuum balance:

The Rowenta Silence Force Extreme sledding is one of the quietest vacuum cleaners to date, while having very good performance. Its only flaws are its impressive weight and lack of accessories. This is an excellent choice if you have a large area to clean, and you want to do so as quiet as possible.


Electrolux Ultra Silencer ZUS3932B

The Electrolux Ultra Silencer ZUS3932B vacuum is powerful and quiet. It is a balanced model that combines good suction performance and noise levels are among the lowest in the market. It filters dust very well (HEPA 12). This vacuum is the podium of QueChoisir April 2012. This is still one of the best vacuums all categories currently available. The manufacturer’s warranty is 1 year.

The Electrolux Ultra Silencer ZUS3932B is a vacuum bag and silent, with the system Silent Air Technology. It provides a noise level of only 68 dB, while having very good cleaning performance.

best vacuum cleaner
Electrolux Ultra Silencer Vacuum ZUS3932B

Power: 1800 W
Suction power: 320 W
Depression: 31 kPa
Air Flow: 40 L / s
Noise level: 68 dB
Tray capacity: 3 L
HEPA Filter: Yes (HEPA 12)
Inverter power: yes

Cable length: 9 m
Range: 12 m
Color: Blue
Weight: 6 kg
Dimensions (cm): 59.4 × 35.5 × 39.5
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year
Indicative price: € 249

Electrolux Ultra Silencer Vacuum ZUS3932B – Accessories

AeroPro Accessories: Suction head and accessory 3in1

Ultra Silencer ZUS3932 is equipped AeroPro range of accessories specially designed to minimize noise due to airflow.

Suction head mixed floors / carpets.
Accessory 3 in 1 brush furniture nozzle long, Small nozzle

The Electrolux Ultra Silencer uses filters S-bag Classic Long Performance, which are synthetic dust bags with a volume of 3 L.

Very silent: noise level of only 68 dB!
Brushed aluminum telescopic tube of large diameter (36 mm) with safety lock Lightweight and very sturdy.
Ergonomic handle with adjustable airflow to the handle.
Washable Hepa 12 filters to remove allergens.
Indicator bag filling.
Long power cable.
Presence of an electronic power.


Accessories stored on their support along the tube can un clip and fall during vacuuming.
A little heavy (6 kg).