Guest Post : Galaxy S 4 know it worries you supply?

Samsung Galaxy S 4, which will be presented tomorrow promises to be the best selling smartphone of the year 2013. Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the Galaxy S3, which has sold over 35 million copies in 2012, Samsung already plans to sell 100 million units of its new smartphone.

But Samsung will you keep it on time? What would be the impact of a concern in the production line? It is clear that an estimated 10 million sales in the first month, any quack in the delivery of components would be a disaster for the South Korean company. Already last year, due to last minute problems with the back cover of the Galaxy S3, Samsung had lost two million sales for the month of May.


The backup plan

It seems this time that Samsung Electronics has taken the lead. According to Greg Noh, an analyst at HMC Investment Securities and Samsung have scheduled a backup plan to avoid such problems.

Galaxy S 4 will be presented in New York, where Samsung beat Apple hopes and regain its position as the market leader in telephony. Some analysts, however, remain skeptical and hope that Samsung provides incremental improvements and updates on their smartphone, rather than just dazzling features right out.

Samsung did not wish to comment on the measures taken to avoid the worries of supply. Apparently according to sources there is currently no problem on that side.


Expected on PS4 games

 The design and creation of games by developers and publishers requires that they possess all the technical features of the console, so that they are positioned correctly on what they will do. It takes on average between 2 and 4 years to develop a video game. But good news, it seems that the design of future hits the PlayStation 4 has already begun. The site Develop-Online has announced last October. We do not know yet what will comprise the first pack console + games out of the ps4, but among the games that we are sure to see shortly after its release, there would be traditional but timeless Gran TurismoGrand Theft AutoKillzone 4NBA 2K, and Uncharted 4.
As for the PS3 with PS2 games, there will be backwards compatibility between games of PS3 and PS4, thus you can find your favorite music and continue to play on your PS4.
Finally, with the advanced technology and power that should offer this new medium, it is likely that new game concepts are added to the already well supplied market of gaming fun. In the same way that Microsoft has for its Xbox KinectSony plans to integrate a camera detects motion and why not make her “hand controller”, leaving his second position must “dualshock controller.” The use of dynamic 3D glasses also leaves many perspectives on the development of innovative video games in terms of gameplay, which propose a new approach to the world of gaming.